The most important thing that parents can teach their children is how to get along without them

– Frank A Clark

What do we offer ?

how do we offer art of parenting

The process of child development is strongly intermined with the child's genetic makeup. But research in epigenetics claims that Exposure & Experiences especially during childhood can greatly impact and influence development.

The prime responsibility of a parent is to understand the nature and needs of the child at every stage of development and provide life's experiences appropriately.

When do we offer ?

when do we offer

The absorbing nature and the photographic memory at early childhood and the new reasoning and abstracting mind at late childhood are engaged in building the foundations of development, for the rest of his or her life

This calls for ‘ Catching them young ‘ with positive parenting.

How do we offer ?

How do we offer

“ Children are reflections of the people in their lives “

The human tendency of imitation enables the child's emerging personality to align with that of his time and culture. Hence we as Parents, Teachers and Society as a whole need to transform ourselves to model the transformation that envisage the future world to be !

However, the supreme offering that one can make above all the others is unconditional love come along let's make the best offering to the human child !!!