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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

For most new parents, a baby changes their lives dramatically. Most parents want to do a good job raising their children, yet not all parents know how or have the support they need. New parents may feel isolated and frustrated about their abilities or just want to share the excitement of the daily changes in their lives with someone who understands. Parenting is the most important, challenging, and rewarding job most people will ever have and positive parenting skills can be learned. Most parents find it very helpful to become part of a supportive Parenting Now group where they can learn about child development and share information with other new parents

The overall goal of giving clear directions is to help children learn to cooperate. Sometimes children don’t understand what it is we want them to do or when we want them to do it. For example, if you say “Put the plate in the sink,” it is not clear if you want this done right away or after the television show is finished or maybe sometime tomorrow. On the other hand, if you say “Put the plate in the sink, now please,” you are setting your child up to be successful by clarifying you want this done “now.” Making this expectation clear will help set the stage for cooperation

Try to think of praising your child as a way to teach them what they should be doing. You are their best teacher, so when you are able to praise your child for performing a positive behavior, this is a powerful learning opportunity. Children learn best when they receive encouragement and when we model this encouragement for them. Plus, most caregivers find they would rather praise positive behaviors.

Yes, the only qualification being in close association with children.

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